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The Client


An integrated renewable energy company in the United Kingdom, with operations spanning electricity generation and the sale of gas and electricity to homes and businesses throughout the United Kingdom. It employs 13,158 people and handles 5.7 million customer accounts. They are in a heavily regulated industry with extremely stringent compliance in regards to security and how specific areas are controlled and managed. The client is bound by NERC and FERC-regulations with deadlines, penalties and fines that will be assessed if requirements are not met.

The Challenge

They had a system that they had been informed would not meet the compliance requirements because, they were told, the system did not have the capability. They were ready to replace the system with an alternative system that would have cost tens of thousands of dollars, and still would not have met certain requirements.

The Solution

They had attended an end-user conference on the technology they had at the time, heard about Security 101, and reached out to us. In a matter of two weeks we reconfigured their existing, noncompliant system to meet the regulatory requirements.

the client sayS

“The Global Accounts team with Security 101 was able to step in and, within a matter of weeks, completely turn around our approach to security for the better. They nailed down exactly what our needs were and reconfigured our current system to meet those needs – no small feat in our highly-regulated industry. Saving us tens of thousands of dollars on costly and ineffective upgrades and making us compliant with industry regulations, we are now able to move forward with a clearer understanding of our system and its capabilities.”

Key Benefits

They were able to meet their deadlines and compliance requirements, saving them the tens of thousands of dollars they would have spent on the new system, as well as helping them avoid running two systems simultaneously (the current system was standardized in many locations).


Count on us for

  • “Complete” design & engineering
  • Custom programming
  • Project management
  • Security system integration (Video, access control & intrusion detection)
  • Access control systems
  • Video management systems
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Intercom & tele-entry systems
  • Mass notification systems
  • Wireless solutions
  • Visitor management systems
  • Cable & fiber optic installation
  • Unique software solutions for market-specific security challenges
  • True standardization
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