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Texas A&M Bomb Threat - Security Communications



Texas-A&M-Bomb-Threat---Security-CommunicationsTexas A&M recently found a bomb threat on Thursday morning so they have increased security on the campus. They say the source of the threat is less than credible. They do have a text message system for emergencies which students can subscribe to via but considering that 85% of college students are on Facebook (according to TechCrunch) I was wondering why a security warning was not posted there. They did make a post on their website, but college students are more likely to check their Facebook feed more than the A&M website.


Texas A&M does have a Twitter account dedicated to emergency-related information which is This is great for security, although there are only about 31% of college-age students on Twitter according to the Pew Research Center. Students can receive their Twitter notices directly to their smartphones and via text so this is one great choice that A&M made.

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