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by Corey Tyriver on Apr 29, 2016 1:48:42 PM

bank-of-america-plazaCHARLOTTE, NC: At Security 101 we are extremely proud of the level of service we provide to our commercial clients. As an organization, we refer to this as “fanatical customer service” and it affects each and every aspect of the business we conduct, from sales and operations to technical services and design. Team101 in Charlotte is a shining example of that spirit and it’s safe to say they get the job done when extreme measures are called for. Here’s what we mean…

Team101A short time ago, a major commercial real estate development firm required an experienced integrator’s help with an access control system in their $20 million renovation of a 40-story, 891,000 square foot building located in Uptown at the center of Charlotte, North Carolina’s Central Business District — and Security 101 - Charlotte was up to the task. Because the first phase of the renovation required moving the lobby to an alternate location, the existing access control portals, visitor management computers, and all wiring in the lobby had to be removed and relocated prior to the demolition — but the current system was maintained by a different company and they backed out just as the deadline became imminent. Team101 to the rescue! It was a Friday morning when the call came in and it only took an hour for Operations Manager Rich Cady to get on-site, assess the project and determine the appropriate course of action. Eight separate dedicated Charlotte employees cancelled their plans and spent the weekend helping the customer keep their deadline.

When asked to work over the weekend Team101 responded (and this is a quote), “Absolutely, this is what we do — and this is why we are better than the others.”


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