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Signs Indicate Challenging Road Ahead for Electronic Security Industry



Signs-Indicate-Challenging-Road-Ahead-for-Electronic-Security-IndustryThe electronic security industry had it's fair share of economic hardships in 2011. Some are saying not to expect too much of a change in 2012. However, others are saying to expect significant changes and possibly some opportunities in the following areas:

  • Security technology
  • Politics & legislation
  • Business & operations
  • Security industry
  • Risks & threats

Within the security technology market, smartphones & tablets have changed the way we communicate, especially within the access control field. Near-field communication (NFC) will turn mobile phones into virtual access cards. Within seconds administrators will be able to remotely add or change digital phones into virtual access cards. Also, with the rise of hosted video combined with advancements in edge storage, expect to see IP become a more affordable and realistic solution for nearly every installation, regardless of size.

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