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Security 101 launches new website



Security 101® is proud to announce the launching of a new website.

We are eager to welcome our visitors to a more user-friendly, intuitive experience. The visual redesign, improved functionality, easier navigation, and numerous free resources will allow our current and future customers and general internet users to access the right information, faster. Security 101's Director of Marketing & Creative, Corey Tyriver had the following to say:

“Our company has grown tremendously since the last re-work of the public site and it was essential that we made critical updates that better reflected the size and capabilities of our nationwide organization. From the representation of the brand to presenting career opportunities — we are now communicating better than ever.”

'TEAM101 Marketing' has done a remarkable job at transforming the website and allowing viewers to handily access first-class security services to improve the way their organizations work. Security 101’s brand-new site combines a comprehensive listing of the verticals we serve, the solutions we offer, and what makes us different from our competitors. We strive to make the journey of protecting your business more coherent, simplified, and efficient. Corey went on to say:

“Security 101 has long been committed to providing relevant, industry-specific articles and information through our extensive blog — and we will continue that commitment. Our readers are now more easily able to sort and locate the content that relates to their commercial security needs.”

This effort is in alignment with the evolution of our brand and our next stage of growth. For us, it is essential to be devoted to be leaders in the security industry and offer our clients a fanatical customer experience, which — without a doubt — starts with the navigation of our website.

We’d love to hear from you! Tell us what you think about our new site. And you can do one better — use the “Subscribe” link on this page to sign up for monthly updates of the latest commercial security articles and news from Security 101.

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