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Security 101 helps secure the PGA Championship with mobile surveillance



Please see the following press release from Rochester, NY (May 17, 2023) — In a landmark move towards enhancing security measures and ensuring a safe environment for players, staff, and spectators, Security 101 in partnership with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office announces the deployment of cutting-edge mobile surveillance technology throughout the PGA Championship tournament. This groundbreaking initiative, made possible through a strategic public-private partnership with Security 101 - Rochester, aims to revolutionize security operations and provide unparalleled situational awareness.

Mobile surveillance has emerged as a game-changer in the field of event security, empowering organizers to proactively identify potential threats and respond swiftly. With the assistance of Live View Technologies state-of-the-art mobile surveillance solutions, Security 101 and the Monroe County Sheriff are redefining the standards for secure and seamless event experiences.

Key features of the mobile surveillance system include:
  1. Real-Time Monitoring: Advanced cameras equipped with high-definition video capture and live streaming capabilities ensure real-time monitoring of critical areas, enabling security personnel to swiftly detect and address any security concerns.
  2. Intelligent Analytics: Leveraging cutting-edge analytics and artificial intelligence, the mobile surveillance system can identify suspicious activities, unauthorized access attempts, and unusual crowd behavior, enabling proactive response and threat mitigation.
  3. Mobility and Flexibility: With its portable and versatile design, the surveillance system can be easily deployed across various locations within the event venue. This flexibility ensures comprehensive coverage of all key areas, including entry points, player facilities, and spectator zones.
  4. Enhanced Incident Response: Seamless integration with existing security systems and personnel enables efficient communication and collaboration during incident response. The mobile surveillance system empowers security teams with real-time information and enables them to make informed decisions swiftly.
  5. Deterrence and Public Safety: The highly visible presence of mobile surveillance units acts as a powerful deterrent against potential security threats. This enhanced security infrastructure offers reassurance to players, staff, and attendees, ensuring their safety and peace of mind throughout the event.

According to Chief Deputy Michael Fowler, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is committed to “delivering a safe and exceptional experience for all stakeholders, and the introduction of appropriately employed mobile surveillance represents a significant step forward in achieving this goal. By properly embracing cutting-edge technology and prioritizing safety, the tournament continues to set new benchmarks in event security.”

Chief Deputy Fowler further commented that: “the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office would like to extend its gratitude to Security 101 and Live View Technologies for their invaluable partnership in effecting this groundbreaking mobile surveillance technology. The collaboration serves as an effective model and testament to our shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and the well-being of all attendees.”

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