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Security 101 and SONY® Partner for the Gift of Security Program




Gift of SecurityToday, Security 101 – Salt Lake announced that SONY® is the sponsoring manufacturer for the launch of our community’s 3rd Annual Gift of Security program. This program was specifically developed for non-profit organizations serving Utah. The winning non-profit team will be awarded a new, state of the art security surveillance system which will be expertly installed at the organization’s physical location — for free.

Nominations This year’s nomination period begins on December 24, 2014 and ends January 7th, 2015. A local panel of community leaders will review all nominations and carefully select three (3) final candidates for this year’s award. From there, an open public voting forum will be enabled on our website to have our local community cast votes and determine the final award winner.

Voting: Online voting is targeted to begin on January 21, 2015 and will run through midnight on January 30th. The winner will be announced on February 2nd.

Program History: 2012 was the maiden voyage for launching the Gift of Security program. We learned that there is tremendous need to support non-profit organizations to keep their clients, employees and volunteers safe. Most of the time, they have limited funding that needs to be used to provide critical services and therefore, they do not have capital funds to invest in security improvements.

In 2012, The Neighborhood House was the winner of the 1st Annual Gift of Security.

In 2013, we honored The Tooele County Children’s Justice Center as our award winner.

Security 101 strongly believes that we should be good corporate citizens and find ways to make a genuine difference in our community.

Visit the Security 101 – Salt Lake website  or  See past winners »