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Security 101 Acquires Integrated Security Professionals and RVA Security Integrators



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Security 101, a national provider of full-service commercial security solutions, announced today that it has acquired Integrated Security Professionals (“ISP”) and RVA Security Integrators (“RVA”), two of the largest franchisees under the Security 101 brand umbrella.

Founded in 2007, Integrated Security Professionals has established a strong presence in the commercial security sector, offering integrated electronic security solutions for a variety of businesses, including national and regional multi-site customers. Founded in 2013, RVA has been a key player in the Richmond area, known for their expertise in providing comprehensive security solutions to a diverse range of clients.


“The acquisitions are a major step in our growth and a testament to our commitment to excellence in the security industry.”


Greg Daly, CEO of Security 101, commented on the acquisitions, “We are thrilled to welcome ISP and RVA into the Security 101 core team. Their outstanding reputations complement our focus on providing top-tier security solutions nationwide. The acquisitions are a major step in our growth and a testament to our commitment to excellence in the security industry.”

Anthony Iovine and Rob Ryan, co-owners of ISP, shared, “Our experience operating as a Security 101 franchise enabled us to build a strong foundation in partnership with their robust systems and values. We're excited to deepen our involvement in the Security 101 family and continue to drive growth and innovation in our markets.”

Demus Oxford, the owner of RVA added, “Joining the Security 101 team represents a significant milestone for our company and enhances our ability to provide top-tier security solutions. Our team looks forward to building on the powerful national brand that is Security 101.”

About Security 101:

Security 101 is a national provider of integrated security solutions to a diversified set of commercial customers across multiple end markets, including healthcare, education, financial, and government, among others. The company delivers a full-service offering of security services and products including the design, installation, and maintenance of access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, visitor management, and managed service solutions. Founded in 2005 and based in West Palm Beach, FL, Security 101 has over 50 locations in the U.S.

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