Corporate espionage

by Team101 Social on Aug 9, 2013 5:24:00 AM


Corporate espionage--we don't hear the term everyday and most companies think it won't happen to them. There have been some cases recently that you have heard about though. For one, the NSA Case that deals with a Government agency. There was also the Sinovel Wind Group Company incident that dealt with trade secrets being stolen. That case is a cyber security issue. With so many ways to steal corporate and government secrets... How do you protect your company?

There are many ways to steal your corporate and government secrets, but Security 101 can help protect you from a few methods. Step one, could be to limit access to low level employees and even add different levels of security so mid-level employees can not access some rooms that the top level executives can. Combine the access control with video surveillance for an extra measure. By limiting access to certain areas you can protect corporate secrets like the Bush's Beans family recipe, just deny access to the dog.

So here is an example of how a system might work. Real time audit trail with video surveillance and to see who is accessing areas of a building. Instantly enable or disable credentials. The ability to lock and unlock doors at specific times. Those items in combination with different levels of access can help protect areas of your building that guests or employees may not need to be in.

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