Convergence Channel: Winning the Technology Migration Game

by Team101 Social on Jul 3, 2012 5:21:00 AM

Playing chess is all about strategy and it just might be your move in the technology migration game, according to Paul Boucherle of Security Sales & Integration.

In the game of chess, things are different. In chess you have to think ahead of your strategy and your opponents and be adaptable quickly.

There's 4 issues working against you, espcially since your customers haven't given planning a network-centric platform much though. These include:

  1. Business today doesn't allow for much time to reflect or plan for things.
  2. Technology doesn't allow for much slack time these days.
  3. Results are predictable - get the system up and running fast at the lowest cost.
  4. Priorities have changes. It's more of the "if it ain't broke, why fix it?" mentality.

2 key tactics to help you Triumph:

  1. Be innovative
  2. Be proactive

Take small steps to enable your long-term strategy. Also, it's important to look ahead to see where you'll be in the next 12-19 months.

To read this article from Security Sales & Integration, click HERE.

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