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Community Responds to Make School Safer




Community-Responds-to-Make-School-SaferThere once was a time when parents sent their children to school and believed that they would be safe there. In the last two years, there have been several school shootings including the tragedy at Sandy Hook and just two weeks ago in Colorado. The safety of children, while they are in school, has become a big issue. A school in Michigan has made changes to its security policies in an effort to make the school safer for everyone.

Stakeholders of All Saints Catholic School, the community it serves, local law enforcement, and security providers have harnessed their collective abilities and cast aside all impediments in the name of best safeguarding children, teachers, and staff. The system gives school staff access to 46 emergency pull stations, switches, and duress buttons that instantly and directly alert the Canton Police Department — without losing precious, potentially critical seconds calling 911. Police dispatchers are then able to view the scene through 16 onsite video surveillance cameras as the response gets underway. There are 70 audible alert devices within the school for local notifications, and an electronic access control system adds to the overall security measures.

With the school, community, and police department all working together, All Saints Catholic School has been able to implement a system that allows everyone to feel a little safer with their children attending the school. As news of All Saints Catholic School’s success story spreads they are receiving more and more inquiries from stakeholders interested in making their educational facilities safer, harder targets.

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Source: Security Sales & Integration - Dec 2, 2013