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Be prepared with Security 101's SiteGuard 101




Key Management can be a daunting task, especially if you are using regular locks. When employees leave you might need to rekey those locks and even while they are employed by you they might have duplicated the key. This is where security 101 can help! We are experts in access control and can set up a key management system for you using the latest technology.

Security 101 can create a key management system using a card or biometric-based access control devices either for unmanned door entries and/or lobby entries with a guard present. For door entries, we can integrate a Role Based access control system so that you can restrict access to the appropriate employees. For companies with multiple locations, this can have some added benefits. For example, one central location can grant or deny access to personnel using our proprietary system, Siteguard 101.

Siteguard 101 is hosted on our servers so there is no need for setting up expensive servers and managing them yourself. We have our own software engineers that monitor and update the program and hosting environment. Here are some benefits of using Siteguard 101:

Benefits of remote managed access control:

  • COSTS LESS- SiteGuard 101 eliminates the need for costly investment of owning servers, not to mention their maintenance and replacement. Save on IT costs with one less system to maintain.
  • EASY TO TRY- With the hosting service, you can easily try a one-two door system with no risk and grow as needed.
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT INCLUDED- Receive immediate phone support for your technical questions or navigate through How-to's, FAQs, and searchable online documentation on our web portal.
  • DATABASE BACKUPS- Windows patches, and free software upgrades are included with the service.
  • NO RISK OF INSTALLATION PROBLEMS- You are simply joining an existing system.
  • MANAGED ACCESS- Day-to-day access control can be managed for you by one of Security 101's partners. You don't have to learn it, you don't have to do it.

Using keycards for your key management system can be a very efficient way of managing access to your valuable resources and areas that need security. Please contact us for more information at 800.261.2041 or visit us on the web at