10 Tips to Prevent Retail Crime

by Team101 Social on Oct 18, 2013 8:59:00 AM


10 tips to prevent retail crime

1. Say hello to people as they enter your store. Offer to help them while in departments. Contact acts as a deterrent.
2. Have your cameras easily visible so shoplifters know they are being watched.
3. Change locks or codes when employees with access change. If you have access control then disable their card.
4. Don't have employees carry a cash drawer through the store. Have drop locations and remove cash after hours if available or if you must have a manager or security escort them.
5. Design your store so cases and isles can be viewed easily.
6. Place video cameras in blind spots throughout the store and by cash registers. Cameras by the doors are good as a deterrent and to help identify criminals.
7. Require management to ring up employee purchases.
8. Within HR ask integrity questions on the interview.
9. Have an anonymous drop box for employees to submit theft reports. This can help you understand who you need to keep an eye on and protect the whistle blowers.
10. Keep loading doors closed when not in use, have two employees check in items and put a camera in the loading area. Well placed lighting can prevent a lot of issues.

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