How Going Paperless Can Enhance Customer Care

by Team101 Social on Jun 8, 2012 11:09:00 AM

Provident Security has taken a new approach which involves the way they handle paper. The company has completely eliminated most paper usage since they came to the realization that paper-based systems and processes drain resources and took away from their ability to focus on their core promise.

Provident's business model focuses on the customers needs and wants; and in 2005 they realized they were spending too much time on operational tasks that didn't involve customer interaction. They know they needed to take a good look at their business, which included every process and procedure, with the end result focusing on the customer's needs and wants.

After reviewing their procedures, it was evident their frustrations were paper-based, so in turn, they moved over to a paperless process in 2009. 100% of Provident's client contracts are signed using electronic signatures. This has caused a profound change in their company culture.

What do you think? Does your office continue to use paper or are you moving to a paperless system?

Security Sales & Integration Magazine - June 2012


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